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December 1, 2004 by Kemimas
There has been some hubbub of late about the Dutch fascination with euthanasia. One thing that perennially pisses me off about this topic is as follows:

To those that would "relieve the suffering" of the terminally ill or the severly handicapped... Do you know what it's like to be dead? You've never tried it for yourself? Then HOW THE HELL do you presume to know that death is better for these poor souls? What if being dead is infinitely worse than the worst suffering whilst alive? And I do...
November 21, 2004 by Kemimas
Between 1973 and 1986 there were nearly 16,000,000 abortions in the US Link. Those are the ones who would be of voting age by now. That is a fact. Now I'm going to make an assumption. I'm sure someone will let me know if they believe this assumption to be unreasonable...

Assumption: The vast majority of these deceased citizens came from families / mothers who were liberal leaning. Lets go with a conservative estimate of 75%.

With equal numbers of conversions on both sides, and a youth vo...
November 17, 2004 by Kemimas
For a good laugh, go here:

November 17, 2004 by Kemimas
Having been to Link, I was surprised to find that I tested slightly on the authoritarian side of the spectrum. (For those of you who don't know, the political compass moves the political spectrum into 2 dimensions: conservative/liberal, and authoritarian/libertarian). This was unexpected, since I pride myself in my libertarian views. Upon reflection, I can see how this happened...
First, I believe in an ordered society, where people obey the law. Furthermore, and more to the point, I belie...
November 17, 2004 by Kemimas
Greywar has been encouraging me to start blogging, and I've been saying I would, really. So it is about time.

Coming up next... Laying a foundation for thought.